Patient Review that underwent PDO Thread Lift in Perth

PDO (Polydioxanone) Thread Lifting is an innovative method of face and body tissue reinforcement, revitalization and lifting using sterile absorbable PDO mesothreads. The product comes in the form of folding the thread into a V shape and fixing one end to a needle. It first became employed in medicine after was KFDA approved in Korea in 2011. PDO itself hydrates and melts in the skin after six to eight months but the induced collagen lasts about one year more. The procedure is highly effective in skin rejuvenation by inducing collagen synthesis from stimulating fibroblast. Its merits in procedure are Minimal invasive treatment, No downtime and immediate effect. Due to those advantages, this product has been popular in Asia and CIS countries in short time and spreading into other continents rapidly.

As it is still relatively a new technique in Australia, we would like to share one of the Patient Review that underwent PDO Thread Lift in Perth:

The Perfect Thread Lift and Laser Treatment

 I would like to share my recent cosmetic enhancement experience in Perth WA. At 36, my face had begun to show signs of ageing. Like most Australians, I have a lot of sun damage in my younger years and I have tried Botox before. I looked in to various treatment options available to fix my sagging face and decided to explore the thread lift option. I think I was not ready to have a face lift surgery. And the idea of having a small day procedure without general anaesthesia and very little down time and affordable cost really ticked all the boxes. There are a lot of doctors doing this procedure in Europe but I couldn't find much information about it from Australian websites. There are just 1 or 2 good clinics in Perth offering this procedure. I decided to choose the one with best before & after gallery and experience in using absorbable threads. I did not want permanent sutures in my face.

Pre, during and post procedure, he made me feel very comfortable and ensured that I understood every part to the procedure, which was remarkably pain free. I had a combination of Promoitalia and Silhouette soft threads put in my mid and lower face to lift the somewhat sagging jawline. I also opted to have a fraxel repair laser peel to reduce sun damage on my face.

It's now been two days and I'm already able to see the results as my sagging face is all lifted as it used to be when I was in my 20's. I have been advised that fraxel peel has a down time of about 5 days and my face is still a bit red. There is very little discomfort. The post laser treatment balm given to me has been extremely helpful in keeping the area moist as I feel that fraxel laser really dries the skin.

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