It’s not your wrinkles but your JAW that is ageing you

Quoted from DailyMail’s website, celebrity Dr Barbara Kubicka sees a host of celebrities at her Knightsbridge clinic and says that 'While the whole world expects its wrinkles that age you, it's actually your face shape that's making you look older.'

Here's why: 'The first thing that our mind assesses when it comes to judging the age of the person is shape of their face,' Dr Kubicka says, 'Our faces change with time from a triangle (high cheek bones and defined jaw line) to a square with a heavy jaw line and double chin.

The shape of the face is much more important than the lines and folds. In fact, according to recent research we universally recognise as younger, a person who is wrinkly but has a youthful face shape.

Thus, traditional Botox on the forehead alone doesn't improve appearance, but changing the shape of your face and tightening your jaw line, does.' Getting a Nefertiti Lift, or lower face rejuvenation has become a must have in Hollywood right now, and you can understand why.

The good news is though, that apart from a lower face lift – which let’s be honest plenty of actresses have – for those of us who want to avoid going under the knife there is a lot of other stuff out there we can do.

How to treat loose jaw line?

Indeed, Dr Kubicka of ClinicBe confirms that there's a lot that can be done without surgery:

You can jab it: Access to soft and fat tissue around the jaw line and under the chin can be corrected with up to 3 sessions of Aqualyx (which is a new and improved version of 'flab jab') .It works to dissolve fat cells and allows us to pass them out of our bodies when we urinate. 550 pounds per treatment.

You can tighten it: Loss of skin laxity can be rectified with different skin treatments like Dermaroller, Radio Frequency or laser and loss of volume on the upper face resulting in a lower face drop can be improved with Dermal Filler or Sculptra.

You can lift it: Over active Platysma muscle on the neck that pulls the corner of the jawline down with every contraction can be relaxed with muscle relaxant injections such as Botox which gives an effective lift.

Brand new to the market are PDO threads - a Korean innovation that is suitable for both lifting and tightening. It's far less invasive than traditional threads (there is no hook to hook them on) and there are many sizes and lengths of threads available which allows treatment to every part of the face and even the body.

As much as they lift they result in an increase of collagen production and line improvement as a bonus. PDO Threads - Price on Consultation. (Treatments last up to 18 months) And with all of these treatments, subtlety is what you're aiming for.

Says Dr Kubicka: 'The greatest advantage is that we can improve the lower face, lift it and tighten without adding extra volume (as seen before with the dreaded 'pillow faces look') which allows us to achieve not only a younger but as well more naturally beautiful facial appearance.'

Would like to learn how to use PDO threads to fix your patients’ jaw line? Register for the latest non-invasive anti-ageing procedure at upcoming AAAM’s Private Hands-on Korean Thread Lifting Master Courses.

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